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Icons, icons, icons!

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The rules here are not hard, but they are enforced.

* Do not spam this community. All spam will be deleted and the poster will have posting access revoked.

* Do not post off-topic posts here without prior moderater approval. Your mods are listed below. Email either of them for permission to post off-topic material.

* If you are requesting a banner or icon, please fill out the form below.

* If you are requesting a banner or icon, do not cross-post your request. Nobody wants to take the time to create an image if it's already been finished by someone else.

* If you are taking an icon that has been posted on the site, not one that has been custom-made for someone else, post a comment, and be sure to credit the artist or community somewhere in your LJ. We will periodically check.

* Do not steal icons that were created especially for someone else. If you want an icon like it, fill out a request form.

* You are more than welcome to post your own icons here, but please use lj-cut if you have more than two.
Don't know how to use a LJ-cut?
Copy/paste this code:

Your moderators are emjay_81 and crystal_blitz

They will be among the people creating the icon/banner requests, so if you have a particular person in mind to make your icon, please specify in your request.
Feel free to contact them at any time if you have a question or comment or complaint. Email address listed on each mod's UserInfo

Banner/icon request form

(ie: banner, icon, etc)
(please post large or multiple images behind a lj-cut)
Font size/color:

(For colors, go here: clicky)
Effects: (ie: stars, hearts, etc.)

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